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SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear

₹ 4,500.00₹ 4,999.00 (Including GST)

The ultimate pocket footwear designed for all your adventures, travels and sports. Minimalist. High-tech. Anti-Odor. Durable. Awesome.


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Product Description

People love to be active. To enhance performance, move faster and go farther, man has invented a lot of special kinds of footwear: rollerblades, cycling shoes, cleats, climbing shoes, heavy-duty hiking boots etc. But these advancements can come at a price – all too often this footwear is so specialised that we are forced to sacrifice on comfort, convenience, and even safety. Simply put, it limits us. To overcome those limits, where this footwear starts to be a burden rather than a benefit, we developed Skinners – ultraportable footwear for every adventure.

What is it good for?

FITNESS, YOGA – Socks, flip-flops, running shoes. Skinners disrupt this trinity of gym footwear and combine the advantages of each – the freedom of a sock, the great grip and the basic protection of shoes.

TRAVELLING – That 10-hour flight or bus ride can be tough on your feet – trapped in shoes simply because you can’t take them off due to the cold, dirty ground or embarrassing odour.

CAMPING, HIKING – Those 4-pounds boots got the job done on that 20-mile hike but now it’s time to take off those heavy casts and give your feet a rest. Skinners let you move around the campground without getting dirty, wet or stung.

RUNNING, ATHLETICS – Enrich your training on natural or soft surfaces and activate all your foot muscles and tendons. Skinners simulate the barefoot experience and force your feet to adapt to the terrain. A strong athlete starts with strong feet.

OFFICE – We love your fashionable high-heels and Oxfords :). But usually 6 hours out of 8 at the air-conditioned office, you are hiding them under the desk. And to be honest, because of comfort it’s possible they end up next to your cold, dirty ground touching feet. Don’t risk getting cold and tune up your work performance with Skinners!

ROLLER BLADING – Getting to the bike path, descending hills or getting over other obstacles in the way can be tough. But who wants to spend the whole ride with a sweaty back from carrying their spare shoes around?

SIMPLY ANYWHERE… take Skinners on your next walk with your dog, use them around the house or just at home. Take them to a beach volleyball game, slackline, yoga session or wherever you want. The possibilities are endless…

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XS, S – Olive Green, M – Metal Grey, L, XL – Red, XXL


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