Raw Flax Seeds 400G

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Health Benefits of Flaxseeds:

1) Rich Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. 2) Richest Source of Lignans – Antioxidants that lower the risk of Cancer. 3) Regulates Blood Pressure. 4) Lowers Cholesterol levels 5) Improves Insulin Sensitivity. 6) Improves Digestion | Gut Health. 7) Healthier Hair & Skin. 8) Aids Weight Loss. 9) Natural Immunity Booster. 10) Healthy Hormone Balance. 11) Helps in Weight Management.


How to Use Flaxseeds:

1) Add them into Oatmeal or Granola. 2) Sprinkle over your breakfast cereal. 3) Sprinkled on Salad 4) Add them to Baked Foods. 5) Use ground flaxseed as an egg substitute. 6) Add to Smoothies & Shakes. 7) Flaxseeds Water: Add ground flaxseeds & lemon to hot water. Aids Weight-loss. 8) Use finely ground Flaxseeds to thicken soups & sauces. 9) Use ground Flaxseeds as a binding agent instead of breadcrumbs

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