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Healthtrek Peanut Massage Ball

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Healthtrek Peanut Massage Ball for Mobility Muscle Pain Relief


Athletes are serious about back and spine care, Get back in the game faster with the Healthtrek Peanut Massage Ball designed to comfortably cradle your spine while providing deep-tissue massage, targeted point release and overall muscle maintenance from head to toe. The dual point massager ball unique design and sturdy construction are perfect for massaging muscles. Constructed with a durable silicone rubber, the dense lacrosse balls are perfectly sized for effective, concentrated massage.

Find relief from stiff and painful muscles with the use of the dual yoga massage ball. Useful for trigger point therapy, corrective therapy and deep tissue massage, Healthtrek massage balls promote healing by increasing circulation and flexibility in the targeted areas.

Pain / Tightness ReliefSelf massage, provides effective pain relief and reduces inflammation, stiffness and sore muscles. Convenient portability makes traveling to the gym or to the office convenient and easy. Improved mobility, increases flexibility and enhances range of motion, perfect for pre or post workouts. Multiple uses, perfect for trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and corrective therapy.

  • Improved Athletic PerformanceIts texture is soft enough to use on more sensitive areas like your neck, yet hard enough to unlock tougher muscles like your back, legs and everywhere else you’re ready to roll. More effective than traditional stretching, massage ball warm-up will help you prevent injuries and prepare body even for the toughest workouts without compromise in strength or performance. After the workout use the balls to soothe sore muscles and speed up recovery time.
  • Relaxation / FlexibilityHealthtrek dual yoga massage ball is designed to create functional point release all along your spine without putting painful pressure on the spine itself. Plus, this innovative tool can roll lengthwise and across essentially every muscle group in the body, breaking through restrictions in three dimensions as it goes. We’re talking calves, hip joints, it bands, gluts, arms, feet, under the shoulder and deep tissue in the neck and back.

Healthtrek helps you develop a holistic approach towards a healthy, balanced mind and body.

At Healthtrek we believe fitness is a passion and confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world – truly the best simple pleasure.


1 – Healthtrek Peanut Massage Ball (140X66MM/400G)


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