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Unived Sports RRUNN Endurance Gel, Performance Energy, Mandarin Orange Flavour, 6 Servings

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RRUNN Endurance Gel is an energy sports gel that delivers quick-release cabohydrates, electrolytes, a key osmolyte, and performance boositing animo acids. We’ve designed a RRUNN Gel Flask which is lightweight, easy to carry and offers a sustainable & hassle-free solution for you to carry your favourite RRUNN Endurance Gels during training & racing. Each RRUNN Gel Flask comfortably holds 3 RRUNN Endurance Gel servings. RRUNN Endurance Gel is ideal race day or training fuel for endurance athleste across sports.

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Product Description

RRUNN Endurance Gel provides all the energy and endurance support that an endurance athlete needs. It is water based, which makes it easy to ingest and digest. RRUNN Endurance Gel delivers quick-release carbohydrates, replenishing electrolytes, a key osmolyte and endurance boosting amino acids. RRUNN Endurance Gel is free from WADA banned substances and it’s 100% vegan.


Unived is a leading formulator of Sports Drinks that are geared towards the endurance athlete

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