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Unived Sports RRUNN During Isotonic Electrolyte Sports Drink Mix – Caffeinated, Hydration & Endurance, Green Tea Flavour, 6 Servings

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RRUNN During is a blend of carbohydrate, electrolytes, amino-acids, a key osmolyte, and caffeine which helps you maintain positive electrolyte levels and ensures prolonged endurance. RRUNN During refuels you on the go and lets you dig deep into your endurance ability.

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Product Description

Over long distances, if the body is not rehydrated at regular intervals, your performance can be impacted by cramping, nausea and dehydration. RRUNN During is an isotonic sports drink that keeps your fluid levels optimal, and maintains your endurance ability.  The electrolytes in RRUNN During help offset physical losses, and the key osmolyte protects your body from environmental stresses. Amino acids increase electrolyte uptake and reduce fatigue. A kick of caffeine for mental alertness and focus is also present. RRUNN During ensures that once you get going, you keep going. RRUNN During is natural, vegan, gluten-free, and can be pre-mixed before an event.


Unived is a leading formulator of Sports Drinks that are geared towards the endurance athlete

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