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Unived Sports Coffee for Athletes, 100% Premium Arabica Coffee with Isomaltulose, Dark Roast Finely Ground, 250g

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100% Arabica Coffee, Isomaltulose. Coffee For Athletes. 250g

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Unived Sports’ Coffee for Athletes is a unique combination of 100% Arabica coffee and Isomaltulose to boost focus, concentration, and fat oxidation – leading to better athletic performance. Our coffee is a dark roast full city+ finely ground coffee, grown at 4000 ft. AMSL in the Chikmagalur region of South India. Isomaltulose is a complex carbohydrate clinically proven to enhance fat oxidation and ensure a balanced energy supply without peaks and drops in the blood glucose response curve. Unived Sports’ Coffee for Athletes makes a great morning cup of coffee, supplying you with a kick of caffeine as well as a slow-release carbohydrate to ensure you start strong and sustain long!


Unived is a leading formulator of Sports Drinks that are geared towards the endurance athlete

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