Sportingtools Foam Roller 18″

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  • Sportingtools foam roller is the foam that is used in running shoes, and is fairly resistant to breakdown. In a commercial setting EVA rollers can maintain integrity for years while getting frequent use.

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Product Description

A closed cell foam roller which maintains its shape even after consistent use

– New textured surface
– Comfortable foam material
– Durable maintains consistent structure
– Easy to carry
– Great for balance and core function training

– Use for stability exercises and myofascial release and alignment and half rounded rollers for balance and stabilizers.
– Improve alignment and hip mobility while increasing core flexibility.
– Also can be used for yoga, pilates, massage therapy and physical therapy
– Train without shoes
– There are many sensitive receptors in the feet. They can give tactile feedback to the nervous system about joint position.
– When doing bending activities use as many joints as possible to decelerate the body
– Keep your core tight while doing these activities

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