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Wraps come in 3 sizes:

No matter what hurts, we’ve got you covered! Our wraps come in three sizes, and while we suggest you get creative with how you use them…

  1. The 3”x 25” works great for plantar fascistic, ankles, wrists and small shins.
  2. The 4”x 50” works great for knees, elbows, thighs and calves.
  3. The 6”x 50” works great for large thighs, shoulders, and torsos/backs.
  • There’s really no wrong way to wrap Dr. Cool!
  • Chemical free cooling from a patented Cool core cooing technology.
  • Reusable and machine washable (No fabric softener)
  • Latex free.
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Product Description

Dr.Cool wraps can be used as dry compression wrap to support and protect various body parts during activity.

For the RICE principles (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to combine ICE therapy and Compression to reduce pain, Swelling and speed recovery.

Traditional ICE packs cover a limited area, whereas Dr.Cool provides 360 degrees of cold compression.

Dr.Cool wraps make it convenient to ICE and compress for quick recovery.

Cool core patented cooling technology earned the “HOHENSTEIN INSTITUTE” Prestigious “Innovative Technology” award.

How to use:-

1) Just wet the patented blue fabric on this inside of the wrap

2) Place it in the freezer for at least twenty minutes

3) Then wrap it on whatever’s hurting!

Once it thaws, you can either throw it back in the freezer for another twenty minutes and re-apply it for that doctor-recommended on-off-and-on-again treatment, or just leave it on for cool support!

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3”x 25”, 4”x 50”, 6”x 50”


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